What To Do Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

What To Do Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Single this Valentine’s Day? No worries; here’s a list of things you can do instead of spending way too much money buying a gift for someone who may not be interested in you…

1. Get a Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading can be loads of fun – and can give you an insight into who you really are and how and when you may find “the one”. Fear not if you’re embarrassed about seeing someone in person or if you aren’t sure if there are any psychic readers near you. At TheCircle readings can be held online  or you can talk on the phone to a trained and experienced reader to find out more about what your future holds.

This isn’t only good fun but it may also help you in making decisions. You might want to focus on your love life, but you can ask about any subject during a psychic reading.  It’s bound to be an interesting experience and might even let you know if you’ll have a Valentine this time next year!

2. Go Out with Your Single Friends


For some people, being alone on Valentine’s Day is a terrifying prospect, but don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Lots of people you know will be single as well so why not make the most of it and go out with them? Instead of feeling blue and lonely, have a wild night out. Whether it’s out for a meal, clubbing or just hanging out at home, you’ll still get to socialize and have a great time; kind of an “Un”-Valentine’s soiree!

3. Watch Some of Your Favorite Rom-com Movies…

…or just any movie!

Having a movie marathon is an entertaining way to pass the time – and even if you’re watching a film by yourself; at least you’re kind of “celebrating” in some way. There are plenty of rom coms out there that you can rent or buy. Or catch the latest romantic movie release – The Space Between Us – an interplanetary teen romance starring Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson.

4. Organize a “Clandestine Cupid”


Have fun with your friends by giving each other presents from their “secret admirers”. This can be a fun twist on the “Secret Santa” approach. Buying chocolates or flowers for your partner seems very uncreative but when you’re buying them for a friend, it’s fine. So why not gather a group of your single friends and hand out gifts this Valentine’s Day whilst keeping the giver’s identity secret?

5. Spend the Day with Your Pet


Having someone to love and spend time with on Valentine’s Day is amazing, so if nobody’s around for you – why not spend time with your pet(s)? Take your dog on a country walk, or stroke your cat until it falls asleep. Remember, you’re supposed to treat someone on the 14th of February; there’s no reason it can’t be your animal best friend. Who cares about humans!?

6. Treat Yourself to Something Special

Last but not least – put yourself first. This could go as far as booking a 5-star hotel or just indulging in a family-size tub of ice cream. It’s important to reward yourself for coping well with being single, so what better time of the year than February 14th? Since you probably saved money as a single pringle, it’s okay to splurge a little.

Make sure you treat others with care and love this Valentine’s Day, even if you haven’t found your soulmate. These tips will help you fly through Valentine’s Day in an exciting and new way without the worry of a boyfriend/girlfriend. If you’re stressing out over not having a Valentine, put those thoughts to one side and say Happy Valentine’s Day to your own good self.


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