The most revolutionary apps of 2015

The most revolutionary apps of 2015

Over the past decade, our lives have all been transformed by the convenience and power of apps on our mobile devices. Even the most basic human tasks have now been supplemented by digital technologies that allow us to interact with our world with greater flexibility and skill, and here are some of the most revolutionary apps of the past year.


Social media




The biggest story in apps over recent years has been the rise of social media apps. Whilst Facebook and Twitter have become recognised household names, other apps have done much to encourage us all to enjoy the new communicative powers of our devices.


The hugely popular Whatapp messaging app looks like it could soon achieve the noble task of killing off the expensive and old-fashioned text message by allowing users to quickly communicate with a variety of contacts through a Wi-Fi network.


Similarly, the world of dating has been completely overhauled by the likes of Tinder that delivers a quick and entertaining way for users to find their perfect partner by swiping through a selection of pictures of people in their locale.






Gone are the days where we rely upon video rental shops for our daily entertainment, as a whole new wave of apps have arrived to provide us with a huge range of enjoyable media.


Just about every household has enjoyed the endless range of videos available at YouTube, but watching media on the channel invariably requires an internet connection. Thankfully Tubebox have developed a great little app that allows you to download any YouTube video to enjoy at your own convenience.


The world of gaming has also had a great year with the likes of Real Racing 3 providing an adrenaline-fuelled driving experience from the convenience of your mobile device. Whereas Sloto Cash have done much to overhaul the booming online casino world thanks to their imaginative slots games and exclusive VIP clubs that allow gamers to play in style.






As shopping apps are now the fastest growing kind of app on the market, it’s no surprise that this is a highly competitive field. Although we may be more familiar with big online retailers such as Amazon and Asos, you can now access hundreds of chic independent clothing boutiques thanks to the House Account app.


Whereas the Keep Shopping app allows for a great way to share your shopping finds and wishlists through its user-friendly interface and constantly-updated boards that will provide you with more than a little shopping inspiration.


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