The best tech of 2016 so far

The best tech of 2016 so far

In the past decade we’ve seen certain brands come from nowhere to dazzle us with their technological creations. With an increased demand from a growing global audience, 2016 has seen no let up in digital innovation that seeks to cater to the public’s thirst for greater connectivity, seamless communication and instant access to popular online games like Minecraft and Candy Crush Saga.


The smartphone market is certainly one of the most competitive areas, and Samsung have managed to snatch an early lead ahead of their competitors thanks to their Galaxy S7 device. With an impressive OLED display, Exynos system-on-chip and sleek metal exterior, it’s already outsold its predecessor and has certainly given Apple much to fight for when the iPhone 7 drops later this fall.


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A big part of the Samsung Galaxy S7’s appeal lies in how it’s managed to implement special water-cooling features and an extended battery life to appeal to gamers. With many gaming fans frequently logging up huge amounts of hours playing battle arena games such as Vainglory, it’s become clear that a long-lasting mobile was a great move in this competitive market.


But with the Huawei Mate 8 offering a cost-effective solution to helping gamers enjoy advanced graphics-heavy games like Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto, it’s become clear that the battle is far from over.


Sports simulators like FIFA 16 have sought to cater to the rising mobile gaming market with their smartphone-friendly playing style that requires larger screens on modern mobiles. And similarly, the online slots for Canadian players at the Lucky Nugget Casino site have revealed that the gaming audience has significantly broadened in recent years with the site’s casino games featuring a range of options from roulette to blackjack that require a reliable and dependable mobile gaming platform.




Away from the booming mobile world, most headlines have focused on how Oculus Rift have finally unveiled the consumer version of their virtual reality hardware. Although many reviews have focused on the flaws that include a lack of motion controls, it signalled the start of what’s going to be an interesting few months for this fledgling technology with games like the innovative horror title Dreadhalls, and HTC and Sony both joining the VR fray with their own headsets over the course of the year.


A big part of virtual reality’s appeal is undoubtedly gaming, but the tech world has also in thrall to drone technology that has infiltrated many areas of our lives. Although the consumer drone market is still relatively new, this spring saw the launch of the ProDrone Byrd that wowed reviewers thanks to its in-built 16-megapixel camera and a foldable body that signalled just how far this tech has come in a short amount of time.



And finally, although GoPro have become a household name for their compact and sturdy camera innovations, it’s going to be worth keeping an eye on the Livestream Movi that enables you to edit high quality footage on the go, much in the same way that you can now play online slots wherever you are.


So whether you’re playing the latest VR game, or just filming yourself surfing, our latest tech just got a lot more mobile!


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