Superfine! Art Fair May 4- 7, 2017 @superfine_fair

Superfine! Art Fair May 4- 7, 2017 @superfine_fair

The launch of Superfine! Fair in New York City brings with it not only a fresh and sustainable perspective on art fairs themselves, but also an incredibly fun and enjoyable art exploration experience.



When we talk about the art market, we too often lose sight of what it means to experience real artwork. It’s a transformation of the daily and mundane into something otherworldly and beautiful (sometimes even a bit scary!) Great art always evokes feeling and conversation, and that’s just what Superfine! sets out to do.


Superfine! is a contemporary art fair designed to humanize the art world by building a sustainable platform for the people who dedicate their lives to creating and showcasing the most passionate and authentic artwork. By doing so we provide a fun, curated, and accessible environment built for enjoying the art collecting experience, and consistently deliver high-quality, well-priced artwork directly to you.

Visit SuperFine. World for more information

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