Microsoft & Washed Out Collaborate on New Multimedia Album Experience @realwashedout @microsoft

Microsoft & Washed Out Collaborate on New Multimedia Album Experience @realwashedout @microsoft

On June 12, 2017 Microsoft and acclaimed artist Washed Out packed the house at The Microsoft Lounge in Veniceto present a new collaboration for his first fully immersive multimedia experience album, Mister Mellow


As part of this release, Microsoft will be bringing the Washed Out’s bold visual album to life by producing a powerful live show experience that immerses fans into an ambient, psychedelic and “impressionistic view of the world,”  starting with the ‘Get Lost’ tour which kicks off in Norfolk, VA on July 8.The evening included an intimate panel discussion featuring Ernest Greene from Washed Out and the creative team, a first look at the visual album Mister Mellow in its entirety and a live demonstration of the innovative technology used to create this vivid music experience.

“I definitely enjoy more of an ambient look to a show. The idea of utilizing the visuals, using the Kinect, hopefully makes it feel more unique.” 

— Ernest Greene from Washed Out 

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“For this collaboration, it was really amazing to see how technology added another layer, an element to the creative development, and what this experience is going to be.” — Amy Sorokas from Microsoft

The creative team behind the collaboration turned to Microsoft technology to fully transform the rich, detailed patchwork of Mister Mellow’s music and visuals. Robust and advanced live integrations mimic the wide range of artistic styles seen and heard on the album, with each component of the live show designed as an extension of a song and its visual treatment. Mister Mellow’s videos all reflects the handmade, “paint outside the lines” style of Greene’s music, influenced here by classic plunderphonics records and the experimental collage techniques of musique concrete. Thanks to the robust output and compact size of the Microsoft-powered system, including the Kinect, Washed Out will be able to share the experience with fans around the world during his upcoming live tour.
This collaboration is the latest in an artist series featured on Music x Technology, an initiative that celebrates forward-thinking artists who are using Microsoft technology to transform the way we create and experience music. With artist collaborations, the program seeks to empower artists with unique opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their fans.

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