Hiromi Machida Wind in Eyes Exhibit  June 1 – June 30, 2016 @maccchi0462 @AboutGlamourinc

Hiromi Machida Wind in Eyes Exhibit June 1 – June 30, 2016 @maccchi0462 @AboutGlamourinc

Hiromi Machida  is a Japanese artist and her activities and creations are based in Tokyo, Japan

Wind In Eyes, features Machida’s original drawings and paintings of girls, which is the main and distinctive subject in her work.

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Most of her works are portrait of girls, and they are drawn as if in fusion with the distinct Modigliani’s female portraits and with features of female characters in Japanese Modern and also Showa-period animation. Rather than femininity or sexuality, which are popular discussions in today’s art scene, her subjects of those portraits are social matters and problems.

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Using innocent looking girls as a symbol, she talks about social situations and problems, such as air pollution, which are surrounding her at the present moment. If we look closely at the eyes in these portraits, we will notice the world that has been projected into their eyes. Her unusual style of painting and line drawing with modified shapes of girls are what we believe to be one of the latest in contemporary art.

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Wind In Eyes is  Machida’s  first exhibition in the United States with 54 original artworks, curated by Gallery Director Natsumi Kitano.

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The AG Gallery is located on 310 Grand St in Brooklyn, NY

For more information please visit http://www.aboutglamour.net/

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