FEATURE: And Still I Rise words by Pilar Biggers Sanders @PilarSanders

FEATURE: And Still I Rise words by Pilar Biggers Sanders @PilarSanders

Divorce is tough on anyone, and having to go through something as painful and tragic as this in the public eye increases the intensity of the situation to unimaginable degrees. So is the case of Pilar Sanders. In a very public divorce and custody battle with Pro-Footbal Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, Pilar who now goes by Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El-Dey found herself in a place she never would have thought she would be. What does one do when their entire world has been turned upside down? As now part of the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World, this mother, actress and fitness expert candidly speaks in her own words of what this experience has brought out of her, and how she plans to continue on in her struggle to not be silenced.


My toughest battle was and continues to be fighting for my three children. Of all the unbelievable torture my children and I have privately suffered through, being so grossly violated by people and corporations’ decisions that could never supersede our rights as Aboriginal People, was inconceivably blinding. Having to fight private agents in public Federal Government positions operating through multiple foreign corporations is a fight any mother would take on at all costs. This battle ripped the blindfold off my eyes and woke me up to the truth of a person that the public never sees. I equate it to that of the film The Truman Show. There are so many people that you would never think would do absolutely any and everything to make sure the truth of my case, their involvement, and their secrets never get out. The reasons for it could only be to continue their way of getting a piece of Mother’s American Homemade pie.


My greatest lesson learned was realizing how deceptive people are and have been for years. I am a true Moor, American National, Al Moroccan, and just like my ancestors, I believe the best in everyone, help anyone I can near or far, young or old, no matter what. I actually believed the words people said, their promises made, and at the price of my life, I found out different. Going through this journey revealed people’s hearts and their true intentions. People who were toxic and really didn’t need to be in my life left, or simply fell off, and those who stayed are like my apples of gold.




I know there have been people or puppets as I like to call them who have tried to convince  the public that I am a particular person that I know I am not. These are but worthless baubles of the day, they arise and sink like empty bottles on a stream. They are illusions and will pass away. I guarantee, you the public is not as gullible or as blind as the media would like to believe we are. All eyes don’t see with the same vision. The extreme defamation and slander tactics that were used to “destroy me” (as I was threatened they would do), makes it overtly apparent that attacks like this hold the truths of the attackers themselves. They are the indices to what the thoughtless think, the noise that people make, and only shallow men judge merit by that noise. Only the Principles of Life/LAW really matter. When someone inner, over, and fully understands this, you are able to truly walk and think in Love, Peace, Truth, Freedom and Justice, regardless of what happens in your life. This is not always easy but it is what’s right and correct. I thank my mother, sister, children, family, and the sweetest most amazing angels that have surrounded me through my introspective alchemical transformative process. Because of them, I have never been clearer in life about who I am, where I am and why I am a Phenomenal Woman. Phenomenal Woman I am.



Having been so viciously attacked by so many on a constant basis for such a long and steady length of time has been very difficult. But rising from deep, deep beneath the waters only re-developed my gills. I wasn’t destroyed. I am stronger than ever before and more of a force than I could ever dream of. I can firmly say I am wide awake and calling of my women to wake and rise as well, so together we all can get this back in order.



Words by Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El-Dey

Photography by Dewayne Weise

Hari and Make-Up by Cassandra Celestin

Styling Darius Baptist

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