Event Recap: The Hidden Sea, premieres artisan wines at Catch @thehiddensea @CatchNY #TheHiddenSea

Event Recap: The Hidden Sea, premieres artisan wines at Catch @thehiddensea @CatchNY #TheHiddenSea

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016,  The Hidden Sea, the premium winemaker and lifestyle brand from South Australia’s Limestone Coast, premiered their line of artisan wines in the United States at Catch in New York’s Meatpacking District. The event featured their Shiraz, Chardonnay, and their RedBlend.

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26 Million Years Ago, South Australia’s incredible Limestone Coast was submerged by a vast ocean and home to a thriving marine ecosystem. A series of dramatic ice ages caused the ocean to recede, leaving the area rich with deep limestone deposits containing majestic marine fossils. These ancient mineralized relics including an extraordinary whale fossil and an extensive museum of marine life, now lay buried beneath the alluvial soils of this World Heritage site. This incredible whale fossil contributes to the rich, fertile soil in The Hidden Sea vineyards, providing a natural and unique filtration system, perfect for growing the grapes that produce their award-winning wines. The Hidden Sea respects the history and the marine life that inhabited the sea, so $2 per case sold will be donated to help the earth’s remaining wild places.

The brand’s passion for craftsmanship extends to the unique design of it’s bottles.

Jon Contino, renowned illustrator and pioneer of the digitization of hand lettering, has create the visual identity of the brand and the artisanal design of The Hidden Sea bottles.

 “We are proud to bring The Hidden Sea brand to the US. The Hidden Sea is deeply rooted in the history and environment of the Limestone Coast and in our deep focus on craftsmanship and quality. We look forward to sharing our treasures on June 8th, “ said Justin Moran, founder of The Hidden Sea Winery. “The event will give our esteemed guests a chance to immerse all of their senses while being transported to one of the world’s truly hidden treasures.”

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Co-founder, Justin Moran​


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Al Reynolds


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AJ Haber, Abie Ash, Jackie Haber, Cyrus Eshghi, Sammy Haber


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Michael Handman guest & Co-founder, Richie Vandenberg


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