Event Recap: September’s Mission / Peace Angel Project @peaceangelspro @StudioVendome #LinEvola

Event Recap: September’s Mission / Peace Angel Project @peaceangelspro @StudioVendome #LinEvola

September’s Mission Founder, Monica Iken, hosted an exclusive cocktail reception on Thursday, March 31st at Studio Vendome in support of Artist and Founder of The Peace Angel Project, Lin Evola.



At the night’s event, Evola announced the formation of a steering committee for the development of a New York Peace Angel Monument, a structure created  from the melted down stainless core of guns and decommissioned nuclear weapons.






Joe Kraeutler, Art Dealer, Lin Evola, Artist and Founder of The Peace Angels Project


Mark Martiak, Senior Wealth Strategist at Premier Wealth Advisors


Monica Iken, Founder of September’s Mission  Meredith O’Connor, Singer






Emily Murphy-Barbina, SVP Marketing at Coal Diamond LLC, Kenneth Barbina, President at Coal Diamond LLC , Dr. Simon Mills, Paulo Coelho, Composer at Paulo Coelho Music


Richard Rubenstein, President of Rubenstein Public Relations, Lin Evola, Artist and Founder of The Peace Angels Project, Udo Spreitzenbarth, International Fashion Photographer


Patsy Kahn, Board Member of Rosie’s Theater Kids, Michele Keith, Journalist



Maquette of New York Peace Angel Monument 


The NYPA monument will stand 64 feet tall, with its wings and gown extending the full length. Its front base, referenced as the “The Conversation,” will be comprised of two ventaglio semicircle steps, holding the figures of 36 individuals who have done “extreme good” including 18 humanitarian philanthropists and 18 humanitarian activists.

“The Labyrinth” surrounding the monument will incorporate a history of New York, based on the struggles and achievements made in manifesting a city of leadership.


Photo credit: Katya Nicholas


About Peace Angels Project

In 1992, Lin Evola founded the Peace Angels Project to address the epidemic of violence by reminding us of the responsibilities we all share to create a better world. As an American contemporary Artist, Evola created the Peace Angels Project as a conceptual work of art to engage thought that is meant to stir us – to awaken us to rise up and build a life affirming legacy of Peace in our time. The concept that develops into Peace Angel monuments forwards a legacy of peace to our children and future generations.

About September’s Mission

September’s Mission is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization devoted to building a positive and meaningful legacy out of the events surrounding 9/11. The organization provides assistance to those affected by natural and civil disasters (including acts of terror and war), and heightens awareness of the conditions caused by such disasters and the relief efforts needed to improve such conditions and prevent future disasters. Additionally, the organization provides recreational and educational activities for children and other members of the New York City community and beyond, while also providing support for and engaging in mindfulness and consciousness training to support the wellbeing of  these communities. September’s Mission supports the educational initiatives regarding and relating to suffering around the world and efforts to relieve it.

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