Efficient ways of packing

Efficient ways of packing

Packing your belongings may be tricky and challenging as you may not have required experience as well as needed materials. It is always a win-win situation when professional movers dealing with your entire grunt work.

Professional services offer a lot of invaluable advantages as availability of trucks, equipment, hoisting. Moreover, you are safe from all possible injuries and your fragile stuff is packed professionally. If hiring experts there is no need to ask for help friends and relatives and you won’t end up arguing. Addressing a reputable moving service at https://movers.best/orange-county/mission-viejo-movers/ is always a great decision as allows you to save time and minimize costs in the long run as you won’t have to address third parties.

If you are a beginner at planning a move and want to try organizing everything with own efforts, follow next recommendations:

  • Start planning in advance. Plan your budget as well. If you are hiring movers, decide what additional services you may require;
  • Pack room by room in order not to create a mess and don’t forget labelling your boxes;
  • Before loading the truck with your possessions – make a list of every carton and item you have. This list will be essential if you are dealing with long-distance move and your belongings will be transferred to any storage facility or to another vehicle.



How to load a truck in most efficient way?

In case you consider to manage transportation of your possessions by yourself you should start thinking about how you will do it. Without any doubts, you will have to find a truck of the right size and drive it by yourself. If you are dealing with short distance move it may not be so difficult but if long distance is ahead of you – it is important to find someone reliable to make shift behind the wheel.

When choosing a truck to contain your possessions, choose the one that exceeds your required space for 10-15%. Also you can ask experts for assistance in finding the suitable vehicle based on the number of rooms your house has.


The best and effective way of loading your truck is starting with heaviest and biggest items like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, sofas, dryers and more. Don’t forget renting a dolly as it will be impossible to rely simply on your physical strength to move these items around. When in a truck these things must be placed upright and securely tied to the side panels. After managing this task start loading next items that include dressers, chairs, tables, china cabinets. It is better putting them in the middle of your truck and secure drawers with the ropes or strings. When all this is done you may begin loading all your boxes and put the heaviest ones on opposite sides of the truck in order to balance out their weight across the truck’s floor. Light boxes with fragile stuff should be placed on the top level. Following these recommendations chances are great you will avoid damages while on the move.


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