Customize Your iPhone With Eye-Catching And Scratch-Resistant Decals

Customize Your iPhone With Eye-Catching And Scratch-Resistant Decals

Considering just how much your iPhone is capable of, what you hold in your hand every day is more like a pocket computer than a mere phone. You wouldn’t take out your laptop without a guarantee that it wouldn’t be damaged, which is why you always place it in a laptop bag before you leave house. Why then would you ever carry your iPhone uncovered, susceptible to all of the scratches, nicks, grime build-up, and falls that happen along the way?


Obviously, you need something that will protect your iPhone because, as much as you like to think you are, you’re not the most careful cellphone owner. No one is. We’re all guilty of shoving our phones into a bag full of loose change, pens, and keys that can scratch up the iPhone’s smooth and beautiful backing. Sometimes, we’re not thinking and we accidentally put our phones in danger – a fact that, unfortunately, won’t change.

But at the same time, you can’t live with the idea of imprisoning your iPhone in a boxy, plastic case. Like millions of people, you bought the iPhone 6 for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the fact that, measuring at 6.9mm, it’s less than a centimeter thick. You don’t want anything ruining its sleek silhouette or bulking it out until it’s an impossible handful. What you need is something thin and form fitting.

An iPhone decal is your answer. Made out of a strong but lean vinyl, decals will fit your phone like a glove, without adding any unnecessary width. Only a couple millimetres itself, the decal will stick to your phone without ruining its appearance. It’s basically a second skin for your phone that’s lightweight, easy to apply, and allows for that bit of flair your looking for on your iPhone.

It’ll stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use too, giving your iPhone a defense against scratches, nicks, and grime that can build-up with constant handling. If you find a decal that’s made out of the best 3M vinyl, then you can also benefit from the greater grip it affords – making that accidental but devastating drop from your hands less likely to happen.

To find a quality made decal, do a little research. Remember, only those decals made out of 3M vinyl should be considered. At dbrand, they exclusively use 3M vinyl because of its fit and durability; they guarantee that all of their decals will fit the tailored size of your iPhone and stand up to anything you throw at it. And they take customization to a whole other level. Not only is it precision cut for your phone, you can choose the look of it by deciding between their awesome selection of true textures. When you get a customized iPhone decal from the “boss of vinyl” don’tworry about getting the right look for your phone. The material these decals are made of allows you to freely choose what look suits your style best, without risking a downgrade in protection.

So don’t let your iPhone go naked another day. Dress this record-breaking phone in a customized decal and keep it protected. It’s the only way to make sure your iPhone lasts and keeps working the way it’s supposed to.

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