@Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars- A history of the best sneaker of all time! by @JonnNubian #ChuckTaylor

@Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars- A history of the best sneaker of all time! by @JonnNubian #ChuckTaylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars sneaker has  changed to way we look at lifestyle , fashion, music and art all over the world.

Here are some historical facts about the shoe and why some refer to it as the perfect sneaker and as Will Smith said in the movie I, Robot   “A thing of beauty.”


1908 The Converse Rubber Shoe Company is founded by Marquis M. Converse in Malden, Massachusetts

1917  The Converse All Star was first produced.

1921  Charles “Chuck” Taylor joins a basketball team sponsored by the company called the Converse All Stars.


1923  Chuck Taylor makes improvements on the overall design, his name is added to the ankle patches.

1933  The Charles “Chuck” Taylor signature is out into the design.

1934  The All Star is re- branded the Chuck Taylor All Star

1939-1945  American soldiers began to wear All Stars while in training during WWII


1962  Converse begins using the ankle patch.


1960s Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars were being worn by 90% of professional and college basketball players. 


1971 Color canvas Chuck Taylor All Star shoes are introduced.


1989  Converse begins offering up the Chuck Taylor All Star for collaborations with third parties.



2003  Nike bought Converse brand name for $305 million.

2008 Converse celebrates its 100th anniversary.

2013 Converse launches the Chuck Taylor All Star ‘70, a reproduction of the 70’s era sneaker.



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