PROFILE: Christian Rich @christianrich

PROFILE: Christian Rich @christianrich

Twin brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan make up the LA based producer and DJ duo known as Christian Rich. Though you may not know them by name this twosome has been banging out hits with the best of them. They have not only worked with your girlfriends favorite rapper, Drake, on his #1 Billboard album Nothing Was the Same, but they’ve worked with artists like Earl Sweatshirt, J Cole, and Chris Brown. Not only are these guys musically talented but they’ve also got an eye for fashion, recently collaborating with Italian eyewear company L.G.R.

YRB: How did you come to work with Pharrell?

Christian Rich: Someone on his team contacted us. They liked what we were doing already, it made sense, we fit together at that moment, it was nothing crazy.

YRB: You’ve worked with Diddy, Lupe, Drake and many others who was the most memorable and why?

Christian Rich: Probably Diddy because the song we did didn’t make the album, not because of Diddy but because of us, he really wanted the song and we couldn’t give it to him because of some obligations at that moment with the track. The dope part about the experience was picking up your phone having no idea who’s number it is, and answer it to have Diddy on the other line.


YRB: What was the best advice you’ve received from someone you worked with?

Christian Rich: Pharrell always said make the music you’re going to make and let the people come to you.

YRB: Tell us about the track you worked on with Childish Gambino for his new album.

Christian Rich: We had that track in mind for a few things [before] we met [with] Donald, Childish Gambino. We had just finished Earl Sweatshirt’s first album and we were playing each other tracks, and right away me and my brother [decided] to use this track that was already in place [with Donald]. We played it for Donald, he loved it, so we went to his recording studio and started reworking the track, editing, adding additions that would fit his flow and that’s how that track came about.

YRB: In your process does one of you focus more on the production side of things while the other focuses on DJing?

Christian Rich: Those are different entities because deejaying is different from production. When we’re producing we produce separately and together. I will do a track and then he will play me his track and I’ll add or delete stuff and he’ll do the same thing, or sometimes we’ll start working on the same track together but that’s rare. We have to record separately, in the same room though then we add each other’s idea together.

YRB: How did your partnership with Red Bull come about?

Christian Rich: Red Bull reached out reached out realizing this unique approach we have to business and music. They said we have this new thing that were doing and we think that you guys would be great for it based on the material you’ve put out. We were able to add value to the program.

YRB: What was it like being at the Billboard Awards for the first time this year?

Christian Rich: It was different. The way we do our music and the way we showcase our plans are very low-key. People don’t know what kind of cars we drive, they don’t know where we live, even if they care, but no one really knows our process. No one knows who we’re working with, you just see it when you see it and the Billboards kind of blew that out the window. We’re doing red carpet, we’re watching the event. I’d never really been to an awards show and it was different to see these people that I know actually go on stage and perform. When you see Ludacris, Iggy [Azalea], 2 Chainz, when you see them in their element you start to learn from them.

YRB: Is there anyone you look up to in the business?

Christian Rich: Not to be cocky I don’t really look up to anyone. I look up to God because everyone’s idea of business is very personalized, so it’s hard to look at someone and say I want my career like that. It’s one thing to admire someone from a distance but I know a lot of these people so I’m in circles and I see the things that happen everyday so it’s hard to say I admire that person.

YRB: Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Christian Rich: I’d love to do more with design. I’d love to collaborate with Puma, do some kind of shoe collaboration with them, because that’s what we originally used to do. When my brother and I were 11 years old we designed some shoes for Nike and they made them. We kind of want to go back full circle of creativity. As far as artists I’d love to work with Rihanna.

YRB: What was your latest collaboration?

Christian Rich: The LGR Christian Rich glasses. They are very limited not because everyone is doing limited editions but because it’s very expensive. That’s the biggest thing for us right now other than music.

YRB: You recently inked a label deal with SONY / Red for your new label Good Luck Chuck Recordings, what made you go with them?

Christian Rich: We went with SONY because of the relationships. They spoke about things that made sense with what we were trying to put out as a brand and although we talked to a few other labels like Capitol and Warner, SONY was the only one that made sense and it still does. The deal gives us flexibility to move, we didn’t have to produce a full album, we could just do singles, Eps, LP’s when we were ready not just for us but for artists we would like to sign.

YRB: What’s your favorite place to DJ in the summer?

Christian Rich: Berlin, Germany. You have to go there to see what I mean it’s crazy. No clubs close on the weekend, they stay open three days straight, Friday – Monday it’s insane. Nonstop party. Vegas is dope but for me Berlin is next level, it’s crazy over there, and cute girls, that combination is wonderful.


Story by Stephanie Amy Collazo

Photography by Carlos Gonzalez

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