Britney’s hit it one more time!

Britney’s hit it one more time!


Britney Spears has recently announced, on live television, her return to the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas. Britney has taken up a two year residency with the famous Planet Hollywood resort, although, she is undecided as to whether this will become a permanent commitment. Who can blame her hesitance considering her history of bad health?


There are serious concerns that Britney’s health may suffer again during her return to Las Vegas. It was only 5 years ago, in 2008, that she faced a very public psychological break down which saw her almost retire from the music industry altogether. There are concerns that her return to music will see her put under the same pressures that pushed her health to the brink years ago. Will Britney be able to handle those pressures differently this time? If not, there are a dangerous number of readily available temptations in Vegas. If she finds herself not strong enough to see her residency through, there is the possibility that she may turn to drugs to cope. Although, they do say that our failures only make us stronger, so it could be different for Britney this time. Not only is she older, no longer the naive little girl who started in the industry, she’s also well rested and considerable well experienced in the tougher side of life.

Britney’s return to Vegas is not unusual. Many pop stars end up in the bright lights of the city when they stop touring, one such person being Shania Twain. Shania is a regular performer in the Vegas casinos and clubs. It may be the bright lights that attract pop stars to Vegas, or the abundance of luxurious venues and activities. Vegas is well-known for its 24-hour casinos, in venues so large you could easily lose yourself in them for days. There’s also the strips of luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars and of course, it’s easy to go star spotting around the city.

Perhaps star-spotting isn’t something that Britney will be into, but she may find the temptation of the enormous casinos and bars too hard to resist. Or even an online casino like might take her fancy. It is potentially not the best place for someone who’s lost control once before to be. Let’s hope that the experiences that Britney has been through have only made her stronger and more able to deal with the tribulations of the music industry.

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