Are These the Best Modern Comic Book Writers?

Are These the Best Modern Comic Book Writers?

With so many different movies and issues being released every couple of weeks, it can be difficult for even the most avid comic book fans to settle on who their favourite writers are. In fact, some of you may not even have heard of the better writers because there are just so many different options out there. So today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best modern comic writers at the moment to give them the credit they truly deserve.

Jeff Lemire

When it comes to quantity and quality, Jeff Lemire has managed to find the perfect balance of both. In 2016 alone Lemire produced Black Hammer, Old Man Logan and All-New Hawkeye just to name a few. There were twelve different creations by Lemire throughout last year, and while that may seem like a lot, each and every one of his releases was arguably better than the last. Of course, we should expect nothing less from the man that brought us Essex Country and The Underwater Welder. There are so many great installments from Lemire (even his personal blog is interesting) that we couldn’t possible just recommend one . If you’re going to go out there and pick up his work for the first time though, try Bloodshot, Black Hammer and Moon Knight.

Tom King

Although Jeff Lemire is undoubtedly a fantastic comic book writer, he is not actually responsible for one of the best graphic novels to be released this decade. That honour falls upon Tom King, creator of The Vision. Before The Vision Vol. 1′s release in 2015 (Little Worse Than a Man), King was best known for The Sheriff of Babylon and Batman, I am Gotham, but his level of fame shot up significantly over just a few months – and even more so lately. The extent to which Batman has made an impression is is especially true since Batman recently received a new installment of online games that can be found at sites such as Big Tease Bingo, which offers other DC-licensed and DC-inspired slots as well. We highly recommend checking out Tom King’s extensive back catalogue to really see what he is made of.

Brian K Vaughan

Known to friends and fans alike as BKV, Brian K Vaughan is responsible for Paper Girls and Saga. The former was particularly interesting as BKV propelled a group of women through time to face their future selves. While that may sound a little bit manga-esque at first, the level of comedy and sentimentality truly draws even the most mature, gritty comic book readers in. The cliffhangers here are particularly powerful, often ensuring readers thought about nothing else but the next installment for weeks at a time. Meanwhile, the monthly issues of Saga continue to draw in new readers with every installment. The BKV universe is definitely one to explore if you have the time to do so.

Hope Larson


Now, you might be thinking where the lady comic book writers are. Well, let us introduce you to Hope Larson, writer of Goldie Vance and Batgirl. Larson has been on the scene for quite a long time, but it was only in 2016 that her abilities truly caught our attention.  Goldie Vance is a colourful, action-packed mystery adventure epic with more characters than a Nancy Drew story, though Larson can’t get all the credit as she worked closely with Brittany Williams. Each issue is more interesting than the last and while each episode may look as though it stands alone, there is always plenty of foreshadowing laced within the chapters. We highly recommend checking out Larson’s full portfolio over at DC Comics for a deeper look into the abilities of one of the best female comic book writers around.

Nick Spencer

In 2016, Nick Spencer’s Morning Glories (which he co-writes with Joe Eisma) finally turned 50 but it is his newest releases that have truly caught readers’ attention. Alongside Steve Lieber, Spencer produced The Fix, as well as Captain America: Steve Rogers with Jesus Saiz and Assault on Pleasant Hill. Of course, fans of Spencer will also know that Astonishing Ant-Man and Captain America: Sam Wilson where also very enjoyable series. Overall, Spencer has come to known as an extremely dependable comic book writer, who is almost always delivering some of the best work we’ve ever seen.

Have we missed out any of your favourite comic book writers? Let us know in the comments below!

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