Another way to enjoy your favourite TV shows

Another way to enjoy your favourite TV shows

Ever since online real money gaming became a possibility with the launch of online casinos, the range and variety of games that you can have a bit of a flutter on grows by the day. For years now, many of our favourite TV shows have been featured on online slots games, but did you know it’s also possible to play online scratch games that tie in with TV programmes?


The great thing about online scratch card games is that they’re not only visually appealing and entertaining, but they can also be played in seconds, so they’re ideal for fitting into a busy day. Another big advantage over paper scratch cards, of course, is that there’s no need to make time to go to a shop and buy them. You can access them wherever you have an internet connection on your mobile, laptop, tablet or PC. This makes them a perfect choice for whenever you want a quick bit of entertainment in the middle of your daily routine. And, just like the physical scratch cards, there’s also the possibility of landing a surprise cash win with every card that you buy. Unlike the paper versions, though, there’s no danger of damaging or losing the card if you do happen to have a winner!


Where to play

You can play online scratch cards at nearly all the online casinos, so how do you decide where’s best to play? The easiest way is to consult a review site like Gr8 Scratchcard where you’ll find all the info on the latest and most popular scratch card games as well as the sites you can play them at. As well as reviewing the sites to play games like online scratch and slots, the site also reviews different scratch games in detail and explains how to play and then scores them according to gameplay, graphics and the jackpots available to win. For a beginner, it makes it easy to find out which are the most popular games out there and where to start playing.  


Top TV tie-in scratches

There are all kinds of different scratch games that tie-in to TV and film. For instance, if you like the idea of reconnecting with your youth, how about a game of Blockbusters scratch? Based on the cult ‘80s TV quiz show, the aim of the game is to match three of the nine symbols on the screen – and you simply scratch them all to see if you’ve won. The prize jackpot is £5,000 and the starting card price is 25p, so it suits any budget. As an added bonus, you can even choose the mascot you have sitting on the screen – just like players of the real TV quiz used to do.

For a more involved TV show themed scratch game, try Deal or No Deal, where each game gives a player three games in one with a £10,000 jackpot to play for. First you try to match the symbol you have with another from the four red boxes. Next, you try to match three symbols from those behind four panels. To finish the game, you need to match three winning values from nine boxes. With a choice of card prices you can play at any level you wish.

These are just two examples, of course. There are also games based on film characters like Kong, Superman, the Marvel superheroes, Monty Python and even the comic Viz, as well as plenty of other TV quiz and talent shows like the X-Factor. When your favourite show is not on the box, you can always get a flavour of it at any time by playing online scratch games. There’s always the chance of winning a great jackpot when you play.

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